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Location & Map


Driving Directions - 

We are at the very top of the village of Birchover on the right hand side.  If you have satellite navigation, our postcode is DE4 2BL.

Please DO NOT, under any circumstances, try and approach the campsite via Stanton Lees OR Birchover Lane that leads to Upper Town Lane in any large vehicle.  Both roads are very narrow and Stanton Lees is very steep making them both unsuitable. There is a sign that clearly states unsuitable for large vehicles. Please use the B5056 as above.

We also have a number of taxi companies that we use locally who are happy to provide travel to/from the campsite and nearby areas.  If you would like any contact telephone numbers to arrange transport please call us. 


Please be aware that the Lee's Road in Stanton is currently closed. Do not attempt to go this way as it is very difficult to turn around and unsuitable for large vehicles. 

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