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About Vista Balloon Flights:    


Vista Balloon Flights is independently operated and dedicated to private balloon flights, for those looking for a very personal experience. With a genuine passion for ballooning and over 15 years’ experience flying all over the world, from the tops of the snowy Austrian Alps to the dusty deserts of Saudi Arabia and Qatar

Once you have booked a flight, you will receive an email with a link to complete passenger information, here you can also choose your a launch site. On rare occasions we may need to change your selected launch site due to wind direction and speed. A final decision on which launch site is to be used will be decided based on the wind direction forecast during the flight period. Your pilot will call you to discuss the outlook for your chosen flight date.

Your Flight: On the day, having confirmed with you that the weather is suitable for your flight, we will meet at the arranged launch site. Please allow three to four hours from start to finish. You will be greeted by your pilot and ground crew, who will give a thorough safety briefing and answer any questions you may have. The next step will be setting up the balloon ready for take off. We encourage everyone to join in with the hands on set up.

With the balloon fully inflated and our final safety checks completed, all passengers will board the balloon and the real adventure begins. Our flights last around one hour, and your pilot will do his best to make your flight entertaining and informative. You are welcome to bring your cameras along to capture wonderful photographs. We will answer any of the ballooning questions you can think of! After landing, the balloon will have all of the air squeezed out and we will pack all of the equipment away safely into the trailer. We then drive back to the launch site, where you have parked your car.


Weather Conditions: Hot air balloons need light and stable air. With 8 mph winds or less, on a dry day, with good visibility. These are the conditions we look for on every flight, to be able to offer you a safe and enjoyable flight. We are constantly monitoring a number of weather forecasting services all year round, looking for good weather which will provide the perfect flying opportunity. Should the weather not work in our favour, we will keep you updated at the earliest convenience so we can reschedule your flight for the next mutually convenient date. If we can see a weather pattern that looks favourable for the perfect flight, and your chosen date is approaching, we may contact you to advise on the opportunity to take your flight early. We understand that this will not always be a viable option with our guests daily schedule so should it not be convenient, we completely understand.


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